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Help keep our streets safe
Our community has an excellent record of traffic safety; help us keep it that way.  Our roads are busy.  We have cars, trucks, bikers, joggers, walkers, and home service vehicles all sharing or crossing our roadways.  When driving, use care and caution, and keep to the posted speed limit, which is 25 mph, and 20 mph on tight curves.  Please check your speedometer; it's very easy to lose track of your speed.  When parking, please don't let your car or your guest's car become street obstacles. Please store them in your garage or driveway whenever possible.  Whenever you or your guests must park on our streets, please be considerate of passing drivers. Whenever possible, do not park on road curves; that obstructs the drivers' view of oncoming traffic.  And never park on the street directly across from another parked car.  Doing that will narrow our travel lanes to one, creating a serious traffic hazard.    
Pedestrians also have a responsibility to use our streets safely.  Please keep to the sidewalks unless you are crossing a street.  Parents, please watch your children, and don't allow them to play in the street.  Please do your part to prevent accidents

Concerned about Alligators?  See article:  Living with alligators in River Woods.

Enjoy our ponds, but please do not enter them!
Our ponds are great places to watch wildlife, but parents, please don't allow your children to enter these ponds, whether by rafting or wading.  A number of our owners have recently reported seeing children riding an inflatable raft in our ponds.  These children are at risk for injury from wildlife in the ponds (alligators and snakes) as well as drowning.  And just like all other freshwater bodies in Florida, the ponds are also likely to contain bacteria and pollutants from runoff.  They are fine for nature watching, but make sure your children are not entering these ponds.

Community Cable Service:  Spectrum/Bright House is our current cable service.  Some time ago, a number of owners asked us to inquire about the availability of FIOS in River Woods.  We learned that if residents want this service they would have to obtain agreement from all 259 homes to make the switch to FIOS.     

Fort Hamer Bridge Project: Learn more about this important addition to our traffic options--another bridge crossing, linking Parrish to Lakewood Ranch.  Visit:  Fort Hamer Bridge


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