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Welcome to River Woods!

We're glad you decided to make River Woods your new home. Below is information to get you started in the community.  If you did not receive a copy of the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) governing documents during your closing go online to print them. These Governing documents, plus the Architectural, Landscape and Maintenance Standards (ALMS), will help you know what you should and should not do within the community. It is your responsibility to know the rules, even if these documents were not provided by the seller.
If you have any questions, please feel free to give community management company Associa Gulf Coast a call at 877-322-1560 and they can help answer any of your questions.
Living in a homeowner’s association (HOA) is an important decision. Some people enjoy the benefits of established maintenance standards and rules intended to maintain common areas and property values. Others find the rules and maintenance requirements too restrictive for their lifestyle. It’s important for you to know what it means to live in an HOA and why our rules are important to the community. You can find all our community documents on our website at by clicking on the “Documents and Forms” tab on the left.
We are a community that encourages participation and cooperation. We are interested not only in maintaining individual properties and common areas, but also in building a community that is a friendly and thriving place to live. We also encourage residents to get involved by serving on the board or by joining a committee.

Here are some tips for getting along in a homeowner’s association.

Know the rules and follow proper procedures. The Board has established procedures for everything from getting permission to paint your front door to rental applications to installing a satellite dish, and homeowners should expect to follow those procedures. Attached with this welcome is a copy of the current Architectural Review Committee (ARC) request form for any exterior modifications. This form may change from time to time so check the website to be sure you have the most up to date form if you decide to use it later.  Refer to the River Woods of Manatee website for other forms.

If you don’t like a rule, get your neighbors together to change it. Changing circumstances may make some rules outdated, and should be reviewed every few years to make sure they’re all serving the community. If you don’t like a rule, talk to your neighbors and be a part of the change.

Volunteer to help your community. It’s not always evident from the outside exactly what work the board of directors is doing and what issues the community faces. Once you move in, volunteer to help with a project or serve on a committee, and expect to serve on the board at some point. Get involved. Don’t wait until you’re dissatisfied about something.

Online Help at River Woods Website

Our River Woods website, is your gateway to information about your community, its activities, current news, newsletters, useful information, our forms and documents.  It is open for use by both homeowners and the public.  Check it frequently.
The Homeowners Only tab on the left side of our site will take you to the password protected portion of the site, which is operated and maintained by our community management firm, Associa Gulf Coast.  It is used for internal documents and information, member directories, and your account information.  You can find your payment history as well as find options for paying assessments electronically.  
To access this section of our website you will need a user name and password.  As a new homeowner, there are directions for gaining access to the site at "Sign Up Today--Register".  If you provide us with your email address, you will be able to receive our newsletters, important notices and news faster than our mailouts. We promise not to spam you! 

River Woods Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors for River Woods meet monthly on the last Wednesday of every month, except December. All homeowners are welcome to the meeting. If a date falls near a holiday it will be rescheduled. You’ll find a Community Information board at the front entrance and it will note the next meeting date. Check it out as you leave the community.

Assessment payments are due by January 1 and July 1.

Contact Associa Gulf Coast at 877-322-1560 if you have not received anything from them by mail. This might include a welcome letter or your coupon book for assessment payments. It takes up to 30 days or more before the management company knows you have purchased a home. Even if you don’t receive information from the management company it is your responsibility to ensure your payments are received by the due dates. 

ARC Approval required for exterior modifications

As new homeowners, we know you’ll have plans for lots of improvements, both interior and exterior. When you get settled and start to think about exterior improvements please remember that ARC Approval is required for all exterior modifications.  The types of changes include these commonly upgraded elements (but are not limited to):
  • House or driveway painting, reroofing
  • Re-landscaping of more than just replacing one or two dead plants
  • Fencing addition or replacement
Sometimes you purchase a home that was not well cared for by the previous owner and has been in poor condition for a very long time. We recognize you need time to settle in, but please keep in mind the community standard of what the exterior of your home should look like. We apologize in advance, but you may also get a Friendly Notice 1st violation on the condition if the inspector feels it does not meet the community standard. (What does that mean? Look around at your neighbors and your home should be comparable in condition to the nicest looking house)

Clubhouse/Pool Access Card

Property Owners (not renters) may obtain a security access card to the Clubhouse and Pool by Contacting Associa Gulf Coast at 877-322-1560. If you are using the pool or clubhouse and someone does not have their card, please don’t let them in. We have issues with neighboring communities using our services and this costs our homeowner’s money to maintain the pool and clubhouse.

Parking of boats and commercial vehicles

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the rules when getting ready for weekend fun. Boats are not to be parked in the driveway or street unless actively loading or unloading. Also, remember that commercial vehicles are not allowed except for day work and should not be parked overnight. 


We ask that owners not allow their pets to do their business in someone else’s yard. We have many neighbors who are not pet owners and do not want to have to deal with other’s deposits on their lawn, or the maintenance of tending to a lawn damaged by pet waste. Please pickup after your pet. Pets should also be on a leash and not allowed to roam unleashed. Pets are not allowed in the pool area or clubhouse.

Speed Limit

For the safety of fellow homeowners, their children and pets, please observe the speed limit of 25 MPH while travelling through River Woods.

Trash pickup

Trash should only be placed at the curb after 6:00 PM the night before and empty trash bins removed as soon as possible the day of pickup.  Trash/Recycling: Tuesday and Friday, Yard Waste: Wednesday.  Check out the Manatee County website for what can be picked up: (

Watering schedule

Manatee County will notify of changes to the schedule via mailings, but right now watering is restricted to the below schedule. Refer to the Manatee county website for more info (, or to request a watering variance for new plantings 941-792-8811 (Ext 5327). These watering days may change during periods of drought. Irrigation is allowed only before 10:00 am or after 4:00 pm:
  • Even house numbers: Thursday and/or Sunday. Midnight to 10 AM OR 4 PM to Midnight.
  • Odd house numbers: Wednesday and/or Saturday. Midnight to 10 AM OR 4 PM to Midnight.

Who can help you if you can’t get an answer from the Governing Documents or ALMS?

Contact Customer Care at Associa Gulf Coast at 877-322-1560. We rely on them to help us manage the community and they can answer all your questions.

Download this informational brochure: Welcome to River Woods



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