Living in a Homeowners Assocation Community
Living in a homeowners association (HOA) like River Woods is an important decision. Some people enjoy the benefits of established maintenance standards and rules intended to maintain common areas and property values. Others find the rules and maintenance requirements too restrictive for their lifestyle. It’s important for you, the potential homeowner or resident, to know what it means to live in an HOA and why our rules are important to the community.

You can find all our community documents on our website at, by clicking on the “Governing Documents” tab on the left. These documents cover in detail the requirements and expectations of all residents in the River Woods HOA such as:
  • No exterior changes may be made to the property without prior approval from the Architectural Committee (including paint, landscaping, driveway, fencing, tree removal, pools, play equipment, etc.)
  • Restrictions on satellite dishes, air conditioning units, decks, and other outdoor items
  • Restrictions on commercial vehicles, RVs, boats, trailers, etc. in driveways
  • Required regular maintenance of lawn, landscaping, and all exterior surfaces to include the home, mailboxes, lamp posts
  • And more…
In many ways, our HOA rules are similar to the types of rules condo and apartment dwellers must follow.    From a property value perspective, the manner in which each homeowner maintains their property in a subdivision regulated by an HOA typically has a direct effect on the real estate value of every other property in the subdivision.
Many people view their home as an investment and as such, they prefer to protect and grow their investment toward a goal of financial security. Others expect their real estate investment to yield the maximum return possible when they one day choose to sell their property. Living within a subdivision having covenants and restrictions that require residents to follow the rules can help to provide the investment security people expect, as well as enhancing the enjoyment of the community.
At River Woods, we are a community that encourages participation and cooperation. We are interested not only in maintaining individual properties and common areas, but also in building a community that is a friendly and thriving place to live. We also encourage residents to get involved by serving on the board or by joining one of the neighborhood committees. The end goal is to provide a harmonious experience, with an anticipated long-term return on your investment!


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