Frequently Asked Questions

What days can I water my lawn?
Manatee County regulates how often and what time of day you may use your sprinklers.  Typically you may water twice a week on designated days for even and odd house numbers, before 10 am or after 4 pm.  During times of drought, watering may be limited to once a week.  For the current rules, see:  Manatee County Utilities.   Violations of these rules may result in large fines.

My mailbox needs repair.  Who do I call?
Currently you can have your mailbox replaced or repaired by:
Top of the Post
570  57th Ave W, Bradenton, FL  34207
Tel: (941) 747-2266
This company provides and installs all of the mailbox parts you may need:  the outside housing (now made with a wood-grain weather resistant material), inside pvc shell, upright post, and numbers.
I lost my clubhouse /pool access card.  How can I get a replacement?
You can get a replacement card from Kelley at Associa, (727) 497-2402, or toll free at (877) 322-1560.  While the initial card for a new homeowner is free, there will be $25 charge for a lost card replacement.
What are our garbage and yard waste pickup days?
Our regular garbage days are Tuesday and Friday, and Wednesday for landscape trimmings pickup.  However, these change whenever there is a holiday in the week. There will be no pick up on those days; instead all the pickup days for that week will move forward for one day after the holiday.  These one-day changes can be confusing, because the contracted waste services do not get every federal holiday.
Observed Holidays (no pickup on these days):
New Years Day- January 1; Presidents' Day - Third Monday in February; Memorial Day - Last Monday in May; Independence Day - July 4; Labor Day - First Monday in September; Thanksgiving Day - Fourth Thursday in November; Christmas Day - December 25.   Note:  When specific holiday dates fall on a Sunday, they usually advance one day.   
Any holiday occurring during regular collection days will result in collections taking place one day later for the remaining days that week.  Yard waste pickup days also move forward one day.  Regular collection days resume the following Monday.   Waste must be placed in cans, and put out not sooner than 24 hours prior to the pickup day.  Keep in mind that unless you have a tight-fitting lid on your can, cans put out overnight may be raided by raccoons looking for a free meal. 
Recycling:  Put out your recycling containers for the Tuesday pickup.  For information on what and how to place items in those containers, visit the county's webpage at:  Single Stream Recycling.  

I have a wild animal in my yard.  What should I do?
As suburban areas infringe upon wildlife habitats, these animals become accustomed to humans and may come onto our properties seeking food or shelter.   We have had reports of everything from alligators and snakes to bobcats and raccoons.  Typically, if you leave them alone they will leave you alone.  Do not feed them.  If a dangerous or destructive animal intrudes upon your home or pool you may want to call a local nuisance wildlife removal service (findable by online search). For more information, click on these links to see these very useful sites of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission:
Living With Wildlife
Nuisance Wildlife

What cable company do we have in River Woods?
We have Spectrum (formerly called Bright House):  (855) 657-7328.  We looked into Fios at one point but learned it would take all the owners to agree to switch to that service.   
For more information about Manatee County services, refer to the Other County Information tab on our Homepage. 

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